What We Do

The essence of our ministry is best exemplified through meaningful relationships.  For a young person to recognize their intrinsic value in the eyes of God, but also the need for redemptive love through Jesus, means that the work of the Holy Spirit is being fulfilled in them. 

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One To One Mentoring

Taking cues from the example set by Jesus, we look at personal mentoring as the life-blood of our ministry.  Practically, this manifests as opportunities to forge meaningful relationships through daily life and also allows the Gospel to inform decisions, challenge perceptions and establish intrinsic value deep into the heart of today's youth.  


Bible Study Groups

The study of Scripture forms the center of our small groups.  Because we read together,  are convicted together and encouraged together, we gain strength through Christ to accomplish great things together.  


Small Group Discipleship

Because real life also extends beyond the pages of Scripture, we make a concerted effort to consider today's challenges and the response of young people as effective ministers of the Hope of Christ to their friends.