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The desire to engage young people with the message of Christ has been our passion for nearly twenty years.    


Our Mission

Compelled by this same message of Christ and sustained by the body of Christ we now live to reach the young people of Wales.  Working through the local churches, public and private schools and community events, we inspire young people to take this message seriously and mentor them into the leaders who will not only change the world of tomorrow, but are changing it today. 

Kevin and Amanda’s warm heartedness, openness and generosity when coupled with their passion for Jesus means that they are very attractive to Welsh youngsters, many of whom have not come across such an attitude to life before.
— Rev. Dr. Rosa Hunt, Salem Welsh Baptist Chapel

What We've Achieved

  • Mentored dozens of young leaders and future ministers.
  • Established links with well over 20 local churches in South Wales.
  • Developed relationships with numerous high schools and primary schools.
  • Taught leadership courses to more than 3,000 local young people.
  • Opened internship opportunities for young people aged 18-24.
  • Worked with major colleges and universities in cultural exchange programs.
  • Assisted in developing children's Bible clubs in 5 different communities in Wales and England.