A visual expression of our mission in Wales

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On the 17th of May, two young ladies were baptised in an old pub that had been converted into a church. For nearly 300 years, the pub had been a social water hole where people attempted to drown their sorrows in drink. It has also been a haven for toxic masculinity where strippers were put on display and drugs and violence abounded— people have even been shot and stabbed there. But no more. Jesus has filled this pub with the new wine of the Holy Spirit and is changing lives.
A short look at what ministry is like for us in Wales, UK.
Hurstborne Baptist Summer Mission to Wales Video Credit: Austin Dugan
This video is about Make Love Your Goal

Some of the best highlights from FuseWEEK 2015.  This event saw hundreds of young people participating and engaging with the Gospel.  It also allowed many of our young people to develop the leadership skills needed to reach their generation. 

All the best highlights from best week of the year!