Our Family

Kevin, Amanda, Hannah, Addison and Elayna


The Story so far...

Kevin and Amanda were both brought up in strong Christian homes where the rhythm of life involved the church community in all it's virtues and vices.  

Accepting Christ at young ages, they were both set upon a path that would eventually lead to full time missionary work but not without a few pit stops along the way.  Those formative teen age years provided ample opportunity for them to tune their hearts to the voice of their Father and prepare them for the ministry that lie ahead.  

After getting married in 2002, they began working part time as youth pastors in a local church where Kevin was ordained as a Southern Baptist Minister and in 2006 they welcomed their first daughter Hannah into the world.

In 2008, they began the journey to leave the USA and prepare for life and ministry in Wales.  Along the way, in 2011, they welcomed another daughter, Addison, into the family and then again in 2013 the were blessed to welcome a third daughter, Elayna into their home. Since then, Hannah has given her life to Jesus and every day, they pray for the hearts of the other two to be awakened by the Holy Spirit. 

Making a life in another country is no easy challenge but neither is full time ministry.  Though fully aware of their need of the redemptive love of Christ, the Wilhites, nonetheless, strive with all their might to help young people both in Wales and beyond to experience this same redemptive love.  

Because of the support of their friends, family and church partners, the Wilhites are strategically placed in an area that has tremendous scope to see the glory of God once again sweep across the land of revival, the land of song, the land of Wales.