**Prayer Request**

Good morning friends,

I wanted to share a prayer request with you that we would appreciate if you passed along to your congregations.

Over the past few weeks we (myself and the two interns- Kristen and Sierra) have been in the high schools sharing about the Christian faith. 

We are able to do this as, “Religious Education” forms part of the educational experience of young people. Besides Christianity, they are also learning about other faiths.  As a Christian minister however, this presents a great opportunity to share a compelling experience of our personal faith- free of charge.  This is of tremendous benefit to the school as it helps them accomplish their educational goals, and for the young people to hear an authentic account of the Christian faith.

This opportunity is contrasted against the reality of how many young people are detached from anything religious, which is rather stark.  It’s safe to say that only 1-2 out of a hundred young people in this particular school have a Christian faith.  Other areas of Wales reflect a similar situation. 

The other day, as we were entering into the classroom, I heard one of the boys whisper into his friends ear something about us. “They are the Christians,” he said, as if we were weird, strange or foreign. 

Many Americans fail to grasp such a level of detachment until they come here and experience it for themselves.  It never fails that, when we host mission teams, everyone on the team will express that they never thought it would be like this.  For the Christian young people who call Wales home, the environment can be spiritually oppressive.

*Would you please pray for us as we enter the schools with our message of hope in Jesus?

*Would you also pray the the Spirit of God will open the hearts of those who hear the message?

*Would you pray for the Christian young people that God would help them grow in Christ and stand for their faith?

*Would you please consider how you might support this ministry financially?

We are one hundred percent dependent on you, our financial supporters to keep us here.  As we pray, we trust that God will move on your hearts to be a participant in this most needed ministry. 

Thank you very much.

Every blessing,

The Wilhites