Resurrecting Christ

Sharing the good news of Jesus in Wales!

*What's new

Wales may have had its last great revival a little over a hundred years ago, but with 95 percent of the child population not involved in Sunday School leaves Wales looking more like a pre-Christian nation than a revival nation. Sharing the gospel today requires some creativity and intentionality; and also a lot of help.   We were thankful to welcome our friends from Oviedo FL. to help us share the message of Jesus to more than 400 children and young people in several schools across South Wales this Easter. We also held a midweek worship service to strength the unity of believers and had some quality time together seeing the beautiful countryside and it’s incredible castles.  

We’re also gearing up for Summershine and are excited about the opportunity for another bold witness in the community. 

*Emerging Leaders

Every now and then we get to witness a miracle.  This year, we have seen two.  In January, two of our young people made decisions for Christ and are currently involved in small group discipleship.  This is a miracle not just because to be born again is so transformative, but also because, for a young person to make that step of faith, is to immediately become the subject of abuse. It is often that they are the only Christian in their entire school year group!  Pray for these young souls to have the love of God root deep within their hearts.

It has also been our pleasure to see one of our young people answer the call to ministry and step into a leadership role. This is a massive thing for a young person to do since, to answer a calling like ministry doesn’t necessarily turn into a job, they are still willing to put God first.  Pray for those who are taking on leadership opportunities. 

*STFT app

The STFT app has crossed over the 500 downloads threshold and we have been rejoicing in its continued use in personal ministry.  Recently, we were asked to host a video series arranged by South Wales Baptist College called “God and the Big Bang” designed to help young people recognize that their faith in Christ and science are not in competition.  The voices of notable scientists sharing about their Christian faith was a refreshing addition to the often caustic conversations taking place today. 
Now that we have hit 500 downloads, would you pray with us that God would continue to expand this incredible resource to 1000?

Also, you can click here to download the app now!

*Family news

Amanda and I have recently celebrated 16 years of marriage. Half of that time now includes building our lives in another country- which is crazy to think about. Hannah and Addison have started playing rugby and they really love it.  Both of them seem to grasp the game and it’s exciting to watch.  They have recently had some important school exams as well so we’ve been working with them in preparation for that.  Elayna is still a bit young for competitive sports but she loves swimming and goes every Saturday for lessons.  She’s still feeling out how to move in the water.  Hannah is moving to high school in September and with that, Amanda is helping prepare for the primary school prom to celebrate her last year. So there is a lot going on.   

*Prayer requests
- Pray for the young people in Wales.  There has been a marked rise in mental health and depression related issues amongst young people.  This has led to an increase in teenage suicide and self harm abuse.  Since Jesus showed obvious concern for people’s felt physical and emotional needs, so must we.  

- Continue to pray for our new ministry tool STFT.  This iPhone and Android app will help youth and youth ministers access some incredible resources for discipleship, bible reading and prayer.

- Please be in prayer for our house groups and their continued impact.  We are seeing some tremendous growth in this particular area!

- We have set a goal to raise an additional $50,000 over the next year to address some transportation, multimedia and staffing needs for the future.  Please be in prayer with us about this.

- Please be in prayer for our local churches to be bold and confident as they exhibit the light and love of Christ to our communities. 


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As always, thank you for the prayers and continued support!

His faithful servants,

The Wilhites
Kevin, Amanda
Hannah, Addison & Elayna

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