Fall is the time for planting

 And boy do we have some work to do!

*What's new

In many parts of the UK, churches are growing.  South Wales on the other hand continues to struggle. But in the midst of this culture of decline, we continue to push into unreached areas with the message of Christ and the objective of discipleship. And it’s working!  Just recently, several of the young people we work with have been witnessing to their friends. They’ve been meeting together and talking about things outside of our youth events. This constant conversation of Christ is now bearing fruit as these young people have now led two of their friends to Christ. We are praising the Lord for this emergence of new life!  

*RADIO Friday

Earlier this year we took a gamble.  We haven’t been able to run a Friday night club because we lacked the staff but by partnering with Beddau Community Church, who had a facility, we a took a leap of faith and started one up again. It’s called RADIO Friday (an acronym- Reach And Disciple from the Inside Out) and by utilizing the elements from a normal church service, with a youthful spin, we’ve been able to establish an outreach to young people who have NEVER been in church (and who’s parents have mostly never been in church) or heard the gospel.  The numbers aren’t that impressive yet, but because we believe in a faithful presentation of the Gospel for all people, and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit who draws people to God, we know it’s just a matter of time. As well, the young people who’ve been such bold witnesses to their friends point to this weekly event as a source of strength and encouragement.

*STFT app

The STFT app just might be the surprise mission tool of the year.  We knew that we needed a better way to stay connected with the young people we meet and interact with but we’ve been really surprised with just how effective an app can be.  It’s certainly not the answer to all that ails in youth ministry but for kids who seemed glued to the screens in their hands this has afforded us an opportunity to point them away from themselves and towards something higher.  There are two way in particular that this has been effective. First, through the app we are able to send out “push” notifications that often take the form of a quote or scripture verse.  These notifications appear on the screens of the people who have downloaded the app and act as a challenge to the thoughts of the world around them offering  some spiritual perspective.  Second, we’ve made tremendous use of the contact section of the app.  In our group meetings, we often ask the kids to take out the app and send us anonymous questions through the contact section.  This helps them to feel free to ask difficult or potentially embarrassing questions (kind of like a comments box) and get an immediate answer from a trusted source.  Many of the young people prefer this option to Google because of the personal aspect of knowing the answer came from someone they know and trust.  

We are on our way to 500 downloads, so, would you pray with us that God would continue to expand this incredible resource?

Also, you can click here to download the app now!


*Family news

Things have been pretty normal around the Wilhite house so far this autumn. We have a visit from a very dear friend coming up, which is really exciting!  We are also entering the season of financial triage where between a December and January birthday, we have Christmas and the bleeding of vast amounts of money.  It’s actually not that bad since the exchange rate has remained lower than it was a couple of years ago.  Plus, most of our family has the love language of gifts so it’s a great time to remind one another just how much love we are capable of giving.

*Prayer requests
- Pray for the young people in Wales.  There has been a marked rise in mental health and depression related issues amongst young people.  This has led to an increase in teenage suicide and self harm abuse.  Since Jesus showed obvious concern for people’s felt physical and emotional needs, so must we.  

- Continue to pray for our new ministry tool STFT.  This iPhone and Android app will help youth and youth ministers access some incredible resources for discipleship, bible reading and prayer.

- Please be in prayer for our house groups and their continued impact.  We are seeing some tremendous growth in this particular area!

- We have set a goal to raise an additional $50,000 over the next year to address some transportation, multimedia and staffing needs for the future.  Please be in prayer with us about this.

- Please be in prayer for our local churches to be bold and confident as they exhibit the light and love of Christ to our communities. 


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As always, thank you for the prayers and continued support!

His faithful servants,

The Wilhites
Kevin, Amanda
Hannah, Addison & Elayna

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