Getting Ready for Summer! 

And trying to keep up with all that the Lord is doing...

Whew!  What an amazing season of events we just finished!  Through our partnerships with local churches and schools in the community we were able to share the gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus with hundreds of children in many local communities!  How incredible is that! 

And not only did we build upon our existing relationships with people in these communities, but were also able to share it with some of our friends from America.  Kelsey McGarrigan and Kelsey Sawyer participated in this community outreach and they've offered to share some stories of what they experienced:  

  "In April, my friend Kelsey Sawyer and I were able to go for 10 days to Wales to participate in Easter Cracked and 24. This was my fourth trip to Wales and each time I go it gets harder and harder to leave because of the relationships that I have been built with the Welsh young people. One of the highlights from this trip was at one of the Easter Cracked programs that we did at a church where a young boy asked to see my Bible. He held the Bible like it was an object from outer space taking it carefully in his hands inspecting the outside and then turning the pages. He asked, “Whose writing is in here?” so I had the opportunity to share that God used many people to write the different books of the Bible and that the handwritten notes were my own to note special events when a Scripture meant a lot to me or a prayer for a certain situation or a lesson God taught me as I read through the Bible. It was a reminder to me that there are people in the world who not only don’t have their own Bible but that they have no idea of the life that can be found through God’s Word. I pray that each of you reading this will have the opportunity to go to Wales and participate in sharing about God and His Word or that you will give to the Wilhites who have the opportunity to be God’s witnesses every day. But even if you never have the chance to go or are unable to give I pray that you would be reminded of how special God’s love letter is to us and that you will pray for the Wilhites and the Welsh people that God’s Word will be cherished as words of life and not just a relic to be studied."  ~McG

Surge 2017

Since 2008, we have had a presence in the community doing a specific youth ministry week in the summer.  We have called this Youth Week and FuseWEEK in the past but we have come to a new place in our desire to reach young people.  Rather than focusing tremendous energy on a very program heavy, single event, this year we are focusing our energy on doing two, more scaled back events to target the young people we haven't been able to reach.  This newly titled SURGE event will be taking place in Beddau and Pontyclun and will move from being held in a gymnasium or community centre to being held in community green spaces and local church buildings.

Would you please be in prayer with us as we make this shift in our efforts to reach an unreached group of young people with the gospel? 

STFT app

We have nearly surpassed the 200 download mark with our app and are pushing to reach the target of 500 downloads by the summer.  Here are some testimonies on how it's being received by young people and those who are working with them:

  "I think the STFT app is really good for Christians and non-Christians because it teaches you something new every day. The photos that are used to explain things, for example: '7 Tips On Reading the Bible' are really helpful because sometimes long pieces of writing can get boring. The app is also helping me grow spiritually because each day I'm learning something new from the daily devotionals and some of the notifications coming through are both convicting and encouraging. I also think the app would be good for new Christians because the 'I'm Feeling Spiritual' section has lots of good tips and information." Kira Lendrum, Llantwit Fardre Salvation Army

  "I've used the STFT app pretty much every day since it opened.  It is great to have it linked with the daily Bible readings for the Bible in A Year program that us leaders are doing with our young people.  I appreciate the easy usage of the app itself and being able to go deeper into what we're reading daily.  I also enjoy receiving the daily Bible verse notifications.  Sometimes in the busy and stressful nature of life, a quick reminder is desperately needed to help Christians focus on the truth we must be living.  The STFT app gives us that and I can'twait to see how this grows in the future." ~Chris Bullock, Youth Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church

Would you pray with us that God would continue to expand this incredible resource?

Also, you can click here to download the app now!

Family news

On the 11th of May, Amanda and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and it's hard to believe that we have lived in Wales for almost half of our married life! 

Over the past several months, Hannah has been preparing for and taking some big tests in school.  Because education is so important here, many kids stress over these tests but she worked really hard and seems to have done well, but we're still waiting for the final results. She continues to form great relationships with the other kids in school and is often a bold witness for Jesus, even when being an American (and its political turmoil) seems to bring unnecessary attention.  

Addison continues to do well in school and is in the top reading group for her grade.  She really loves to read and being read to, especially her nightly devotional.  She is very switched on to spiritual matters currently and has been asking a lot of questions.  Please be in prayer with us over her as we navigate the questions and treasure these precious moments. 

Elayna has become the class clown of the family and keeps us all in stitches as she typifies the very British moniker "cheeky."    She is also doing well in school as she continues to develop her hand writing skills and has a very good little group of friends.  She loves going to KidsLife at church and just being a part of different things.  Each of our girls are wonderfully unique and we are blessed to have them in our lives!

Prayer requests
- Pray with us during this Summer season for the young people we engage with in the community as we proclaim publicly the beautiful news of the Gospel. 

- Continue to pray for our new ministry tool STFT.  This iPhone and Android app will help youth and youth ministers access some incredible resources for discipleship, bible reading and prayer.

- Please be in prayer for our house groups and their continued impact.  We are seeing some tremendous growth in this particular area!

- We have set a goal to raise an additional $50,000 over the next year to address some transportation, multimedia and staffing needs for the future.  Please be in prayer with us about this.

- Please be in prayer for our local churches to be bold and confident as they exhibit the light and love of Christ to our communities. 


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As always, thank you for the prayers and continued support!

His faithful servants,

The Wilhites
Kevin, Amanda
Hannah, Addison & Elayna